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Real Update

I am a complicated person. I do things that are contrary. Difficult. Messed up. Hypocritical. Amazing. Brilliant. Self-delusional. Fucked.

Understand something about me though:

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This was news that was important to hear today. I wouldn't say good-- Tiller's death had an impact on me as scientific mind that was particularly hard.

He provided a service to many women who had no other options-- not as a convenience which he hardly believed in-- but as a necessity when there were late term complications and horrible defects and he was one of the few qualified professionals in his field. His death was one of those things that made me wonder, seriously wonder, how many people would follow in his footsteps and the trial proceedings made me consider how many would do it if these kind of things would be allowed to occur under a manslaughter charge. It could become open season on woman's doctors, geneticists, stem cell researchers: anyone who stepped out of moral line that someone else didn't understand.

I can't say it made me happy-- for his family's sake and the sake of women, I would much rather that Tiller hadn't been shot down in his church. However, it makes me feel content that Roeder wasn't even given a manslaughter charge to consider. I am content he got his murder conviction. Maybe if just because the scientists and doctors of the world can know that maybe our jobs and lives aren't subject to being worth less because they involve complicated ethical issues and others who even think of raising a gun to a physician's head and blowing his brains out in church in front of his family will think maybe a second longer (even if they are insane), because of the cost of that action and the precedent set here.


New Phone

I finally got my new phone. As part of my whole working on my issues things, I'm being more communicative and just rebuilding my phonebook from the ground up.

Please send me your phone number and email address! Comments are screened :).

Dec. 13th, 2009

It was a long weekend. It's been a long month. I am surviving and I am looking forward to Winter break. I am pretty sure, once I catch up with school work, I'll be working on the projects for the winter formal as well as a couple of sewing things.

In any case, going to spend a few evenings with R and some movies (and steaks, apparently), and try to stay caught up with homework as well as the holidays.

Camarilla IC Post

Poetry Sunday

Things are very quiet as we gain or lose people. It's kind of like the net loss or gain of electrons. Cool in a chemical sort of way.

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Poetry Monday (I meant Sunday!)

I forgot yesterday for some reason or another. Hopefully, I'll have a new piece up for next weekend.

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